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Super Cover from Europcar Channel Islands

Super Cover not only reduces the vehicle excess to ZERO but ALSO covers damage to wheels, tyres and mirrors... giving you, the hirer, complete peace of mind.

In the unfortunate event of the rental vehicle being damaged whilst in your custody, either by you or a third party, Super Cover guarantees that the excess level of £1,000 which applies to all groups is reduced to ZERO and ANY damage caused to wheels, tyres and mirrors is also covered, meaning NO FINANCIAL PENALTY to you.

Wheels, tyres and mirrors are the items most frequently damaged on the island's narrow roads and in busy car parks. You may clip a kerb and damage an alloy wheel or your car might get scratched or suffer a broken wing mirror when left unattended in a car park - either way instead of being responsible for the damage cost with Super Cover you will be fully covered.

Please DON'T RISK IT and ruin your stay.
You don't want to pay for damage... and we certainly don't want to charge it!