No Credit Card Fees

No Amendment Charges

Airport Desk

No Minibus Transfer

Airport Desks

The convenient Europcar Jersey Desk right inside Jersey Airport Terminal

Europcar Jersey: The Quickest way from Runway to Road

Europcar has two desks at Jersey Airport: one in baggage reclaims and the other in the main arrivals hall.

On arrival customers are required to go directly to either Europcar desk, present their documentation and complete the rental agreement. Unlike others who operate a minibus service taking you to a depot 'off airport' Europcar not only have airport desks but also its own dedicated car park actually at the airport with cars on site – this is very short distance from the arrivals building, so having signed your rental agreement you will be in your car and on your way in a matter of minutes.

Europcar therefore prides itself in guaranteeing its customers 'the quickest way from runway to road' at the most competitive price.

Harbour Desk

Booking with means that on arrival at the harbour, customers go directly to our desk in the arrivals hall, present their documentation, sign up and collect their car ‘on site’ from our designated harbour car park. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to travel by bus from the harbour to a rental depot at the beginning and end of your holiday